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Sims Learning Gateway (SLG)

Following a successful trial we will be using Sims Learning Gateway to signpost to parents of students in Key Stage 3 and 4 some guidance as to homelearning that has been set. This will support the information written by your son and daughter in their planner and enable you to assist them in managing deadlines and prioritising particular areas of work. The information provided will be limited but sufficient enough to provide that ‘signposting’ function. To access this information click here and login: Sims Learning Gateway

We do recognise that parents may have forgotten their login information. If you are having problems logging into Sims Learning Gateway then please use the link located in the Parent Area of the RGS website and one of our team will endeavour to rectify your issue as soon as possible.

Sims Learning Gateway also provides you with details of achievement points, previous reports and attendance data (for Post 16 students this data may not be accurate due to technical limitations).

PLEASE NOTE: At this point in time we are using SLG to signpost homelearning to parents, not to record whether it has been handed in or not. Please ignore any indications to this effect.  The Student Planner remains the place where all homelearning should be recorded by your son or daughter and should be your first reference point for supporting them with homelearning. Sims Learning Gateway supports other online tools to support homelearning such as Edmodo, which a number of teachers use (please see the post below with regard to parental access to Edmodo). 


Increasingly parents report how useful they find being part of the RGS Edmodo community and find the added guidance they gain with regard to both in-class projects and homelearning a positive experience. 

Many teachers at Redland Green School make use of Edmodo (, social learning software that enables students to interact with their teachers, keep up to date with homelearning and turn-in (hand-in) assignments, as well as take part in quizzes and polls. As part of our continuing drive to ensure that as far as possible parents can support students to make progress, we are signposting parents to the ability for them to view some of the content shared with students via their Edmodo area. You will be able to see events, assignments and quizzes that a teacher has chosen to set via Edmodo and any notes that have been shared with parents and the students. Please view any assignment grades that appear on Edmodo with caution, this feature is not used at RGS to record attainment or progress but may be used by your child’s teacher to give some indication with regard to how well they approached that particular task.

To sign up as a parent to your child’s Edmodo area you will first need an Edmodo Parent Code. Your son or daughter can provide this from their account. It is located on the lower left-hand of any of their subject Edmodo pages. Full details of how to set up your Parent Edmodo Account can be found by clicking the link below:  

Edmodo provide a parent area (link below), which hosts a wealth of support material including a comprehensive list of FAQs and guidance from Edmodo.

PLEASE NOTE: At RGS we do not prescribe that teachers should or should not use particular software to engage with their students. Teachers will use Edmodo when and where it suits the learning. Consequently you should not expect to see Edmodo being used across all of your child’s subjects or by all of their teachers. 

SAM Learning

Sam Learning is a well-respected online study tool that is useful for both independent and directed study. Students have just received an email reminder with their username and password.

The login information required is quite straightforward. Students require:

Centre Id: BS6RG

User ID: which is their date of birth followed by their initials

Password: repeat the user ID for the password

For example, Katherine Oaks who was born on the 3 March 2001 would go to Sam Learning ( and then fill in the three sections in the top right hand corner. The Centre ID: BS6RG. Her User ID, which would be 030301KO and her password, which would be the same: 030301KO. The Vista will be able to support students with their Sam Learning Login.


Students in Year 10 and 11 have access to online educational tool GCSEPod (, which is completely free to our students and which we believe will be of great benefit to them during the coming year as they study and revise toward their exams. Many students have been sent guidance to login and activate their account via email this week.

GCSEPod has over 3,500 teacher-written, audio-visual podcasts produced specifically for mobile devices and containing all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that learners need for GCSE success. The GCSEPod website can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and PCs and the podcasts can be downloaded for offline viewing. The podcasts are also mapped to the curriculum and are designed to support students in the classroom, with their homework and during exam time.

We recommend that you discuss GCSEPod with your son or daughter, ensure they have correct login details to enter the site and encourage them to make use of this service throughout their year. Many teachers may set homework on the site using the “assignment” feature, as GCSEPod has already been proven to have a significant impact on A*-C performance and we aim to make it an integral part of learning for every GCSE student studying at the school.

All students have already been registered with GCSEPod and so simply need to login. They may also like to download and access the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App that can be found in the AppStore by searching “GCSEPod.”  The App allows students with Apple devices to download podcasts to watch offline and avoids them having to download podcasts through iTunes to their computer first, a process many students find tricky.  Blackberry/Windows and Android users can download podcasts straight from the GCSEPod website.

Students experiencing login problems with either GCSEPod or Sam Learning should go to the help desk in the Vista in the first instance.

Mr T Cox

Assistant Headteacher