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Equality Update at RGS - July 2014

Year 9 Workshops on Disability

Dr Artemi Sakellariadis from the Centre of Inclusive Education delivered excellent and informative disability workshops to Year 9 students on 26 June 2014. The students were given the opportunity to explore negative language, which is used when talking about or describing disabled people and they also listened to inspirational stories of disabled people who have made a difference. Students learned about the social model of disability and how people are disabled by the society/environment in which they live. As a passionate advocate for inclusive education, Artemi feels the issue rests on notions of equality and human rights and believes that inclusion is founded on a moral position, which values and respects every individual and welcomes diversity. A very good workshop for our students. 

Year 9 students said:

"It was inspirational because she wants everyone to be heard and have a voice."

"I thought it was brilliant - she talked about and explained many different disabilities."

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Year 8 Workshops on Racism

We were fortunate to secure Year 8 workshops from Show Racism the Red Card Wales. Ex-Bristol City footballer Christian Roberts delivered 5 workshops to Year 8 where they had the opportunity to explore language, examine different types of racism and talk about Islamophobia. They also discussed ideas about how to combat racism. 

Year 8 students said about the workshops:

"It was really good. I learnt loads about the actual meanings of words. It makes you think twice about using them if you know the bad meaning behind them. He made it very interesting and kept people engaged."

"He was quite open about himself and talked about the mistakes he had made, which helped us be more open about things. He showed us different types of racism, not just skin colour, and for example background."

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Ms J Williams

Head of House - Larks