Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Peri Music Lessons

Timetables - Available on music noticeboard in Music Department in school


Piano/Keyboard - Monday

Rock, Pop & Blues Guitar - Monday

Guitar - Fingerstyle - Monday

Cello - Monday

Piano - Tuesday

Flute - Tuesday

Bassoon/Recorder - Wednesday

Violin - Wednesday

Brass - Wednesday

Voice - Thursday

Classical & Acoustic Guitar - Thursday

Drums - Friday

Clarinet & Saxaphone - Friday


Peripatetic Music Tuition

We are proud to work in partnership with Bristol Plays Music (BPM), the local music service, to provide high quality instrumental learning for the students at RGS.

BPM specialise in delivering high quality music tuition in schools.  They have a team of experienced and professional tutors delivering a wide range of instruments and vocal styles in the majority of Bristol Primary, Special and Secondary schools, as well as Academies, private schools and other educational settings.

BPM tutors are part of an extensive network of music educators across the city.  They receive regular lesson observations and have access to a wide range of training to ensure their methods are current and effective.  Our tutors have knowledge of progression routes to further develop pupils’ abilities including music exams, out of school Music Centres that offer ensemble playing, and opportunities for the most gifted pupils.

At RGS, we believe in music education and that students should enjoy their music learning.  We aim to deliver an excellent musical experience in school, whether it is through curriculum learning time or participating in extra-curricular music activities.  Learning an instrument has many benefits for young people.  It gives people a tremendous sense of achievement, helps build self-confidence and can reduce stress.  There are also academic benefits.  Research shows that children who learn an instrument do better in school than those who don’t.  Learning an instrument helps with reading, numeracy, memory and self-discipline, and supports good mental and physical health.  It is also a great social activity, and most of all it is fun.

Our expectations of students are high: we expect students to be committed to their learning by ensuring they practice their instrument outside of school; arrive to their tuition on time and take responsibility for their own instrument learning.  We also would encourage students receiving instrumental tuition to take part in extra-curricular music ensembles, such as the string, brass and woodwind ensembles.  There are choirs for students to join and band workshops for the more contemporary instrument learners. 

The one thing for sure is that we strive to ensure every student participating in instrumental tuition is happy and making progress on their instrument and we welcome any feedback from students and parents regarding tuition.

Tuition is provided in 3 blocks every school year (Terms 1 & 2, Terms 3 & 4 and Terms 5 & 6).  Tuition will be a 30 minute session every week and costs are: 


To apply for Tuition

Please fill in the application form.

Applications and payments open and close as per the dates below:

TERMS 1 & 2 = Friday, 4 May – Friday, 1 June 2018

TERMS 3 & 4 = Friday, 28 September – Sunday, 4 November 2018

TERMS 5 & 6 = Friday, 11 January – Sunday, 10 March 2019

(For parents who have already applied for the 2018/19 year, please note the new extended deadlines)


Agreement with PE for when Peri Music Lessons Clash with PE Lessons

1) When Students have ON-SITE PE Lessons

Students should attend peri music lessons during on-site PE lessons as they would for any other curriculum subject. They should get changed into their PE kit and bring their music/instrument into the PE lesson. They can then leave and return with minimal disruption. Students should ensure that their PE teacher is aware of what time their lesson is.

2) When Students have OFF-SITE PE Lessons at Kellaway

In this case the student can join the other on-site PE class rather than travel up to Kellaway; this can be arranged between teaching staff and the student at the start of the PE lesson when the register is taken. Where only opposite gender classes are available on-site, the student should attend their music lesson and spend the rest of the lesson working quietly in the Vista – they will be expected to take work or home learning with them to do during this time. Any abuse of this agreement will result in this opportunity being withdrawn.


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