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Redland Green School

Behaviour Support System

All students at Redland Green have the right to learn. Our Ready To Learn system at Redland Green is designed to build on the culture that already exists within the school of achievement, drive and ambition and ensure that all students are able to learn without disruption by:
  • Putting the emphasis on students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour
  • Eliminating disruptive behaviour from the classroom
  • Giving staff, students and parents clarity as to classroom expectations and consequences if these expectations are not met
  • Give staff the freedom to teach in innovative and exciting ways without concern for low-level disruption

RGS ‘5 fundamentals’

Our expectations of behaviour in the classroom are underpinned by our “5 fundamentals”.  All students will be aware of these clear and  simple expectations:

  • Arrive to lessons on time ready and equipped to learn - mobile device switched off and in your bag
  • Follow instructions promptly
  • Listen when others are speaking
  • Remain on task and complete work to the best of your ability
  • Polite and respectful to all



What this means. Students must...

  1. Arrive on time to lessons ready to learn
  • Follow  seating plan position without question
  • Sitting in your chair and focus on the teacher ready for the start the lesson
  • Have your mobile device off and in your bag under the desk
  • Have your equipment out on the desk including your planner
  1. Follow instructions promptly
  • Follow teacher instructions promptly without question
  • Request clarification from the teacher 
  1. Listen when others are speaking
  • Not talk whilst other (teachers or students) are talking to the class
  • Listen to the contributions of others (teachers or students) and be prepared to respond
  1. Remain on task and complete work to best of ability from a prompt start
  • Once the teacher tells you begin a task you must focus on your learning
  • Not be distracting/distracted by others
  • Not begin off topic conversations. Talk about your social life should happen at break or lunch.
  1. Polite and respectful to all
  • Not be rude or offensive to others (teachers or students)
  • Not disrupt learning with silly comments


How does the Behaviour Support system work from September 2021?

If a student breaks one of the “Five Fundamentals” they will be issued a verbal reminder and their name will be recorded by their teacher.

Should the student break a fundamental for a third time then they will be sent to the Behaviour Support room for the rest of the lesson

Students are expected to make their own way to the Behaviour Support room to complete a reflection sheet and core curriculum work and will finish the school day at 16:05. Parents will be informed at the time the referral is made by text message.

Staff who make a Behaviour Support Referral will speak to the student at the end of the day in their detention

Serious Breaches of the Behaviour Support System

More serious behaviour incidents within/outside of lessons will result in an immediate referral to the Behaviour Support Room pending further consequence.

  • Bringing/using a weapon 
  • Defiance (refusal to carry out a reasonable request made by, or walking away from, a member of staff)
  • Fighting
  • Misuse or the supplying of an illegal drug
  • Sexual abuse, assault or harrasement
  • Serious actual or threatened violence against another student or a member of staff
  • Serious bullying/discriminatory behaviour
  • Setting off the fire alarm
  • Swearing/verbally abusive at a member of staff
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

 RGS Behaviour Policy