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In Music at Key Stage 4 students benefit from taking a hands-on course alongside their GCSEs, that gives them a taste of what the music sector is like, as well as the skills and confidence to succeed in their next steps? During BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice, students learn about the various music products, develop valuable skills and techniques in music creation, performance and production, and explore potential careers in the industry. 

Exam Board and Structure

Course Specification and Materials: Edexcel Tech Award in Music

How should I revise?

The course is made up of three components:

  1. Exploring Music Products (songs, soundtracks, music for video games) and Musical Styles (60s, 70s, 80s…)
  2. Music Skills Development (you’ll create and perform different styles of music while improving on your own skills and learning new ones)
  3. Responding to a Commercial Music Brief (you’ll be asked to complete a project similar to that you would find in the music industry, using all the skills you’ve learnt in components 1 and 2)


You can use many different avenues when researching and learning on this course, you can find a few links below to get you started:

Soundation - if you don’t have a music sequencer at home you can use this free online platform to compose your music in! 

Think Space Education - here you will find tips on how to break into the music industry as well as how to score music for film

Produce Like A Pro - creating and composing music is just the beginning… if you want to make it sound good you’ll need to learn fundamental production and mastering techniques! 

Future Music Magazine - here you’ll learn about all the new gear and music goodies available in the world today, it may even help you to write your next letter to Father Christmas… along with tips on how to use outboard and software based compressors, reverb units, etc. 

Music Theory - if you want to become an excellent musician, performer or composer or you would just like to know about this stuff then this website will help you! There are some really user friendly guides from the most basic of music theory to more complex music theory. 

BBC Bitesize - composing techniques explained… 

Get started making music - this website introduces you to the basics of making music with technology… it’s fun too! 


Past Papers 

Component 3
is the externally assessed unit within the course. This unit really does determine whether you’ll simply pass, gain a merit or even better a distinction! 

During component 3, you will:

  • Choose an area of the industry that excites you (composer, performer, or producer)
  • Explore the brief and come up with possible responses and ideas
  • Use relevant resources, skills and techniques to develop and refine musical material
  • Present your final response (solo or in a group)
  • Review and reflect your approach to the brief and your final outcome