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Futures 18 2021

Futures 18 is an annual center tradition and is about providing further information about the options available to you when you leave the centre and the action you need to take. The aim of the programme is to get you thinking about life after school (post 18) if you haven’t already, the opportunities available in terms of university, gap years, apprenticeships etc. but also the employability and life skills you will need to develop to succeed in the 'real world'. These resources are designed to support you after the collapsed timetable day that Y12s are attending on Thursday 8 July. 

Your Choices at 18

Turning the spotlight on yourself (self-led task)

Click here for an activity to help you think about your interests and future options.

Buzz Quiz

Take this quiz to discover your strengths and what sorts of types of jobs you might enjoy. 

What Are My Options?

Information from UCAS about the variety of post-18 options

Next Steps...

If you’re stuck on what to do after sixth form - take a look at SACU for free tools on your next steps.

Applying to University


The Benefits of Higher Education
Choosing a Course / University

How to Write a Winning Personal Statement 

Applying through UCAS
Studying Abroad
Oxford and Cambridge
Student Finance
Transition to University

Study Locally (Bristol and UWE)



Your A-Z of apprenticeships. Are they right for you?

Interactive Student Apprenticeship Guide

The essential guide to apprenticeship support

Higher and degree apprenticeships guide

Applying for an apprenticeship: What you need to know (UCAS)

Researching Apprenticeships (self- led task) 

Gap Years

Should I go to Uni or take a Gap Year?

Travel tips from Year Out Group

Gap years: ideas and things to think about

Gap years can be used to enhance your CV, travel, learn new skills, and much more. Find out more and get some inspiration here

Africa and Asia Venture

A short presentation outlining the benefits to be derived from a good gap year – that is one that combines meaningful and worthwhile experiences. 

Year in Industry (YINI)- pre university and undergraduate placements:

How to make travel more responsible:

If you're thinking of travelling in your gap year, Tom Trueman from True Adventure discusses “How to make travel more responsible” which explores topical issues including reducing environmental impact and also the social impact of travel.


Corona Virus and your Travel Plans

6 steps to take from  FCO travel advice, insurance claims to NHS hygiene advice

Volunteering ideas (local & nationally)

Finding a job, CV tips

Tops tips on finding employment in your gap year.


Confidence in Career Decisions 

In this session you are encouraged to spend some time thinking about your own personal situation, identifying what motivates you, how to easily make decisions and overcome challenging ones, as well as complete a personality quiz which will match your personality to different.

10 Employability Skills

AXA’s community and education consultant explores the top ten employability skills that large employers look for when recruiting school leavers.

Building a skills portfolio

This session highlights the importance of recognising your personal skills and gives advice on communicating these skills confidently and effectively. This will help you to successfully apply for university courses and jobs in the future.

Finding a Job: CV Tips 

Tops tips on finding employment in your gap year.


The different ways you can get paid at work

Understanding employment contracts

Your first pay slip

How to Write a CV (Barclays Life Skills)

Employers see hundreds of CVs on a day-to-day basis, so making yours stand out for the right reasons is vital. They might only have the chance to scan it for a few seconds, so it’s important to grab their attention right away.

Practice your Interview Skills (Barclays Life Skills)

Choose from five different kinds of interview, from first job to career changes, and rehearse your answers to the kind of questions you can expect whatever job you're going for

Different Types of Interview Skills (Barclays Life Skills)

When you apply for a job, there are quite a variety of different types of interviews and assessments you might be asked to do; phone interviews, online tests, panel interviews etc. They will vary depending on the type of role, the industry, or the stage you’re at in the interview process. This handy interactive guide to help you navigate and prepare for almost any type of interview or assessment you might be asked to attend.

Handling Nerves at Interviews (Barclays Life Skills)

When you feel overwhelmed, it’s good to have some tips on hand to keep the nerves - and your interview - under control.