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Drama KS3 Drama

Drama is an essential area of the school curriculum and students receive 1 lesson per week at Key Stage 3, during which they build and develop a wide range of life skills alongside theatre skills.  Team work, communication, confidence, creativity, self-expression, empathy and presentational skills to name a few! Throughout KS3 we intend to introduce students to a wide range of drama techniques and  performance styles and give them an overview of theatre history. Students also learn about the technical and design aspects of drama and the theatre. We aim to promote the idea of Theatre Makers in all disciplines alongside performance skills.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9 

  • Revolting Rhymes - storytelling and introduction to key skills
    Knowledge Organiser
  • Pantomime - Understanding theatre conventions
  • Greek Theatre - The history of drama
    Knowledge Organiser
  • Commedia dell’arte - Understanding the roots of comedy
  • Shakespeare - an introduction
    Knowledge organiser
  • Exploring drama skills revisited.
  • Documentary Theatre
  • Celebration around the world - drama in other cultures
  • Jo - developing techniques, mental health and empathy
  • Melodrama - The history of drama
  • Revisiting skills and techniques
  • Script work - short plays
  • Blood Brothers - Exploring a complete play text, extended project over 2 terms.
  • Horror - exploring genres
  • Practitioners and devising - Exploring styles and practitioners, extended project over 2 terms.
  • Comedy - Exploring text interpretation and comedic styles.