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English KS3 English

At RGS, English students will broaden their horizons by meeting new people and new cultures through texts from a range of times and places. They will understand and appreciate the value of our English literary heritage, using this knowledge to make sense of the present day. They will read widely including a range of fiction and non- fiction texts and will be curious about language and vocabulary. They will use language effectively themselves, becoming highly articulate individuals, with the vocabulary and rhetoric to be able to express independently formed opinions, as well as challenge others where necessary. Above all they will develop empathy which will allow them to become open minded individuals who embrace and enjoy the wider world around them.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9 

  • Terms 1&2: Empathy- ‘Trash’
  • Terms 3&4: Literary Heritage - ‘Treasure Island’
  • Terms 5&6: Rhetoric and voices - ‘The Tempest’
  • Terms 1&2: Empathy - American novel
  • Terms 3&4: Rhetoric and voices - ‘Merchant of Venice’
  • Terms 5&6: Literary Heritage - ‘Jane Eyre’