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History KS3 History

Knowing about the past means you can make sense of the present. Our intention is to explain the world and to understand the main events that have formed the way we live today. British history from c.1000 - 2000 is the main narrative used to anchor understanding. Students are encouraged to explore the past from a variety of different perspectives in order to become analytical citizens  who can question human motivation and society with skill and confidence.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9 

  • Why did people in the 17th century believe in witches?
  • How did the English Civil War change Britain?
  • How was the Transatlantic Slave Trade unique?
  • Why was slavery abolished in the British Empire?
  • Why did the Industrial Revolution begin?
  • What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution?
  • British Empire
  • Who ruled Britain - suffrage through time
  • Why did women get the vote?
  • Which historian has the most convincing argument about the cause of WW1?
  • When was the most important turning point in WW2?
  • When and where did the Holocaust take place?
  • How should we remember
  • 1960s Britain?
  • What was life like in East Germany?
  • Why did 9/11 happen?