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KS4 Business

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise

Pearson website: Course information available here


Component 1 Coursework 30%

Exploring Enterprises

  • The characteristics of enterprises
  • How market research helps enterprises to meet customer needs and understand competitor behaviour
  • The factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise


Component 2 Coursework 30%

Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity

  • Explore ideas and plan for a micro-enterprise activity
  • Pitch a micro-enterprise activity
  • Review own pitch for a micro-enterprise activity


Component 3 Exam 40%

Promotion and Finance for Enterprise

  • The promotional mix
  • Targeting and segmenting a market
  • Factors influencing the choice of promotional methods
  • Financial documents
  • Payment methods
  • Sources of finance
  • Profitability and liquidity


Specimen Paper 1

Specimen Paper 2