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KS4 Food Preparation and Nutrition




Component 1:

Principles of Food Preparation and Nutrition

Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes

50% of qualification


This component will consist of two sections both containing

compulsory questions and will assess the six areas of

content as listed in the specified GCSE content.

Section A: questions based on stimulus material.

Section B: structured, short and extended response questions to assess content related to food preparation and nutrition.


Component 2

Food Preparation and Nutrition in Action

Non-examination assessment: internally assessed,

externally moderated

Assessment 1: 8 hours

Assessment 2: 12 hours

50% of qualification


Assessment 1: The Food Investigation Assessment

A scientific food investigation which will assess the learner's knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food. 


Assessment 2: The Food Preparation Assessment

Prepare, cook and present a menu which assesses the learner’s knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the planning, preparation, cooking and presentation of food.


These assessments will be based on a choice of tasks released by WJEC annually. This linear qualification will be available in May/June each year. It will be awarded


How should I revise? 


  • GCSE revision text books can be purchased through school using parent pay or obtained independently.


Eduqas website for access to the specification and past papers.