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KS4 Religion & Worldviews

GCSE RE Revision

AQA Specification A - Religious Studies


There are two exams:

Component 1  - 50%

The Study of Religions: beliefs, teachings and practices1 hr 45 mins


-  Islam

Component 2 - 50%

Thematic studies- 1 hr 45 mins

- Religion and Life
- Religious, Peace and Conflict
- Religion Crime and Punishment
- Religion, human rights and social justice

RGS Knowlegde Organisers
Paper 1: 
Paper 2

Exam papers and mark schemes


Shared papers on google drive click here


Where do I find revision material?

All links available with an RGS email
  • Your exercise book- this will have the most detailed notes, and you'll be able to look back at ways to improve your work
  • The official AQA Specification A revision guide- this has practice questions at the bottom of each page
  • AQA website for examiner reports and past papers 
  • RGS Quick Quotes Sheet
  • GCSE pod- Look out for the sections on moral issues and religion in society
  • BBC Bitesize- remember to look at just the topics we study and only Christianity and Islam

Exam technique

Wider Reading

 Reading List for RE GCSE

Are you interested in a future career in RE or are wondering where studying RE can take you? Have a look here for ideas: TRS UK