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A member of the Gatehouse Green Learning Trust

Redland Green School

Our Vision & Values

“Redland Green School is a happy, caring and stimulating learning community in which everyone's achievements are valued unconditionally and excellence is celebrated.”

Our Key Values at Redland Green School

Respect ~ Ambition ~ Responsibility

Aims of the School

In order to equip our young people for life in the 21st Century we aim:

  • To develop confident and resilient young people with high self esteem.
  • To give all an opportunity to shine, to take calculated risks and to celebrate their achievements.
  • To develop responsible global citizens who make a positive contribution to their communities.
  • To develop a culture of excellence that stretches and challenges all.
  • To provide opportunities for individual students to reflect on and be responsible for their own learning, identify personal goals and areas for improvement and to be supported in achieving their aspirations.
  • To work with parents and carers to ensure their own and their child's learning and personal development.
  • To provide a safe environment where personal and professional development are supported.

Aims of our Curriculum

The driving principle of our curriculum is that knowledge is empowering. Our intention is to provide our students with the knowledge they need to be successful citizens of our community and the world. Subjects are led by specialists whose aim is academic excellence in their discipline. Through this students will gain a rich web of knowledge, promoting a deep understanding of the subjects they learn. Higher level reading and rhetoric underpins our curriculum and fosters success both in school and beyond the walls of our classrooms. Ultimately, our intention is that RGS students leave with a thirst for learning and an awe and wonder of the world that surrounds them.


We aim to build positive relationships between the school and our students, staff, parents and the wider community - focussed on our core values. 

School Charter


Student Expectations


  • Being polite and respectful to all members of the school community
  • Keeping the environment clean/tidy
  • Using appropriate language
  • Being willing to help and support other students and staff
  • Being kind to yourself



  • Giving your all in every lesson
  • Trying something new
  • Attending an extra-curricular activity


  • Following all instructions
  • Taking responsibility for your behaviour and following the school’s behaviour policies
  • Meeting deadlines in class and homelearning
  • Represent the RGS community well and at all times


Staff Expectations


  • Show respect for all other members of the school community in all aspects of their conduct and behaviour


  • Have high expectations for themselves, their colleagues and their students
  • Take advantage of opportunities for their own professional development
  • Be innovative, particularly in their approach to teaching and learning


  • Be punctual, well-equipped and ready for classes
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour and the impact of their own decisions
  • Represent the RGS community well through appropriate behaviour
  • Take steps to develop students into responsible citizens


Parent Expectations


  • Respect the values and the ethos of the school
  • Show respect for all members of staff and, in particular, their right not to be harassed


  • Support your children’s progress and encourage them to complete home-learning assignments and engage in the range of activities the school offers


  • Encouraging your child to take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Engaging with and supporting the RGS community 
  • Supporting and encouraging your child to observe the school’s behaviour and uniform policies
  • Helping your child and other students to become responsible citizens