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Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

We believe that by allowing students the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities we can help them to raise their self-esteem and develop skills needed for their future.   

They can explore their physical, creative, social, political, or career interests with like-minded students.  They will make new friends and learn to build relationships with their peers.  Trying something different may bring them in contact with students they didn't know who share their interests and curiosity.  A club or group also can be a great way to meet people who are different from them.

We offer a program of enrichment activities which take place before school, at lunch time and after school.  The activities gives our students the opportunity to develop skills and qualities such as initiative, interpersonal skills, team building, independence of thought, problem solving, project management, having a positive attitude and working well in a team, all of which are very important life skills.

Participating in enrichment activities helps them in other ways, too;  It looks good on college and job applications and shows admissions officers and employers you're well-rounded and responsible.  Specific activities help with specific goals; for example, if you want to teach language or get a bilingual job, being the president of the Spanish club shows the depth of your commitment. 

Whilst good qualifications are obviously important, facilitating access to the first step of the chosen career ladder, it is these additional skills that will aid further progress.  Some of our activities are linked to curriculum areas which allow our students to develop areas of interest and extend their learning.  Others will be a chance for students to have fun, enjoy something different and to learn or develop a new interest or hobby.

We also offer other enrichment opportunities that include Duke of Edinburgh, Future Brunels' Peripatetic Music Tuition and Young Enterprise to name but a few!

Click here for the 2019 - 2020 enrichment activities.

 Extra-Curricular Activities After School


Thanks to the commitment of staff, we are delighted at the range and number of extra-curricular activities available to students after school. With the exception of some clubs where there may be limited capacity, it is not our usual practice to require parental consent in advance for a student’s attendance at an after-school activity that ends at or before 4.15pm. Click Here for more info.


Other Activities


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