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Home Learning is an important part of our move to a knowledge rich curriculum.

Home Learning should be:


    • Regular and follow a clear routine
    • Easy to understand without a teacher.
    • Available in a format that is able to be edited using google docs without reformatting. 
    • Have a clear purpose that directly links to class learning
    • Inclusive - all students should be able to access it and feel a sense of achievement by being able to complete it. Clear structure/template to support independent completion where appropriate.
  • Some students with special educational needs (SEND) will  follow a modified home learning pathway
  • Transparent to students and placed on Google Classroom with clear instructions, all required resources and a clearly defined and appropriate deadline. Utilise techniques developed in lockdown that enable clear instruction i.e. a short recorded presentation.
  • Approached with a view that parents will support the organisation and completion by the deadline set, Google Classroom parental bulletins will support parents with this.

The mechanics of setting Home Learning:


  • There are no home-learning timetables however students should receive regular home learning:
    • 30 minutes of home-learning per subject per fortnightly timetable cycle for KS3 non-core subjects and for core subjects 30 minutes per week where appropriate at KS3 
    • Extended home learning at KS4 (no more than an hour per week) where appropriate.  
    • At KS5 students are expected to complete one hour’s independent work for every one hour in class (this includes reading, guided research, and revision).
    • Students should be given a reasonable time to complete their home-learning (sufficient window no less than 3 days) to ensure they can manage the expectations across the subject areas as well as balance their external commitments.
  • Student guidance must be posted on Google Classroom within the classwork section to support effective completion. Please remember to set a date for completion in line with the guidance and set the time for completion away from the default 11.59pm to a time more conducive to student welfare. Parent bulletins will be enabled.
  • Student organisation at KS5 will be supported with the use of Google Classroom and parental bulletins be enabled.


Managing the non-completion of home learning

 Supporting students where homelearning has not been completed

At Redland Green school we value the importance of regular homelearing to support students’ studies, consolidate learning and prepare them for the next steps in their learning.

We recognise and reward students who complete homelearning and intervene where students who fail to submit homelearning despite reminders

We monitor homework completion on a weekly basis and will inform parents via Class Charts if your child has to attend our Homelearning Intervention sessions where they have failed to submit TWO pieces of homelearning.

  • Homelearning Intervention sessions are held on Thursday in 4C6/4C7 from 3.05pm-4.05pm
  • Supervising staff will support students to complete homework