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Redland Green School

Year 10 Work Experience Monday 13th to Friday 17th June 2022

We care deeply at Redland Green School that our students are prepared for the world beyond. We believe that the opportunity to take part in work experience is an integral part of this education, as it allows students an excellent insight into possible career paths and also supports student’s decision making process for their post-16 education. 

Students should consider carefully the type of work they wish to undertake on their placements.  These may be local or, if necessary, further afield. Whilst it may seem a long way off, we strongly recommend that students start contacting potential employers as soon as possible as placements can be limited. Due to COVID restrictions, some employers are only offering virtual work experience placements and we are happy for students to accept this type of placement.

How to secure a work experience placement 

  • Find hidden opportunities – think outside the box; use your contacts and resources i.e. the careers adviser, the internet, direct websites, job pages
  • Contact employers – call first to explain what you are looking for, get a name and their email address, then email that person directly with your cover letter and CV.
  • Write a strong cover letter and a targeted CV – speak directly to the employer, talk about how your transferable skills would be useful and your interest in the company and in what they do
  • Follow up – just because they haven’t got back to you it doesn’t mean the answer is no! 
  • Ask the key questions:
    Do they have employer liability insurance?
    What will you actually be doing?
    What are your start and finish times?
    What do you need to wear etc.? 
  • Additional guidance can be found on the prospects website or watch this short video

Entering your work experience placement on Grofar

In order for your work experience to be processed, you must enter the details via your Grofar account. 

Watch this video to find out how to enter the details onto your Grofar account

This slide also gives you a step by step guide on how to enter your placement on Grofar 

Contacting employers

We would always recommend phoning or visiting employers as a way of asking for work experience as this builds a personal connection. However, if you would like to email them then you could use this template to word your email.

In order for your work placement to be approved, the employer must have Employer's Liability Insurance, so please ask any potential employer about this. We will confirm this with them once you have entered your placement onto Grofar.

Should your employer have any queries about their Health and Safety requirements for hosting you on a placement, you can direct them to the HSE website which outlines their responsibilities. Feel free to tell them that there is not really any red tape for them!


All placement details should be submitted by Monday 14th February 2022. This deadline allows us to complete some administrative checks. We would recommend that students aim to get places in place as soon as possible as they can become hard to find.